Cheese Ads

Usually I just use this space to mock bad cheese industry advertisements. But I actually kind of like this one.


Sure the ye olde ship may be a little misleading. But few people find containerization as aesthetic as I do. And the Keane eyes on the cow are, like Allison on the most recent ANTM, a little disconcerting. Plus she’s waving at the cheese as if they are her babies, emigrating to a better life. In the cheese business no one likes to talk about the real cow babies, especially the males.

And what’s with the one wheel in the water? Is it trying to escape? A non-believer in the American dream trying to escape back to its homeland and community? Or a non-selected Graskaas, maybe even a Vlaskaas that painted itself blue and tried to stowaway and got thrown overboard. Perhaps it’s a Graskaas that overslept and literally missed the boat? No matter what, it doesn’t see to be headed towards a pleasant fate.

Still, it’s miles away from most inter-industry cheese advertising that tends to be ugly, crass, and less subtle about discussing units and profit. The cut and paste is pretty cute and it actually serves a purpose since this is a really a note reminding me that our pre-orders for the first Dutch cheese of the year made from grazed (Spring) milk are on their way.

I can’t shake the feeling however, that our Graskaas might get stolen by pirates.

7 responses to “Cheese Ads

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  2. Beemsterkaas is the shizz. I dated a boy from Zuidoost Beemster and remember that taste well. Fields of tulpen. Windmills. Bicycle beer runs. Poffertjes at the Alkmaar cheese market. Do you have overjarige? I love the occasional crunchy crystals around bubbles in the older stuff.

  3. Enjoying “Cheesemonger” and wonder why you attribute so much of your success to your punk rock experience when your writing and reason are an indication that the source of your success as an author–and cheesemonger–and alternative employment employee/er– derive from an obviousy excellent education. Your curiosity and mastery of detail is exceptional,and your reluctance to “pose” as an expert clinch the fact that you are very well educated. Would love to hear more about that.

    • Well, I think that punk rock was the first thing that really made me curious about worlds outside where I grew up and that political activism (which came after exposure to the punk scene) is what made me want to study and learn.

      Perhaps it’s a separate subject, but the fact you praise my writing and reason skills is really a sad reflection on our educational system. I do think that my writing skills are above average when compared against my peers (I’m talking every day work, not other writers) but compared to a generation ago, I feel mediocre at best.

      I feel very lucky to have parents who valued reading, been able to go to a public high school with an excellent journalism class, and attend a college where they taught writing as part of the freshman curriculum.

  4. I totally enjoyed your book! It made me feel less ‘alone’ in the world of cheese mongering. Here is the Avery label I attach to the bottom of the Red Hawk (sell about a case a week in a tiny town on the Coast)….SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE THIS
    ‘RED HAWK’

  5. What’s disconcerting is that you know who Allison is from the most recent ANTM! ;)
    I’ve got a little plexi glass version of this cow. They are really amp-ing up the merch on the Beemster. Their story is very interesting actually. I did a little research on them for sign text.

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