Chapter 2. The Idea of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Idea

I couldn’t include pictures in Cheddar: A Journey to the Heart of America’s Most Iconic Cheese so I am going to annotate the book here on my website.  That sounds like fun, right? Ok, here are some pics to go with chapter 2, a less scenic chapter than chapter 1.

Photo from the Gathering of the Cheddarmakers organized by Chris Roelli of the Roelli Cheese Haus.  Please note the color coding.  All the cheesemakers (except Willi Lehner, of course) are wearing white. Taken from the crucial cheese blog, Cheese Underground which is run by one of the best cheese people in the world, Jeanne Carpenter.  Photo by Uriah Carpenter.



Here’s Joseph Harding, considered by many the “Father of modern cheddar”


Anti-Scott Walker solidarity protest in San Francisco:


Also, I quote Utah Phillips in this chapter so check out these songs: