Cheddar on the Radio

I did some great radio interviews for Cheddar.  Here are some of the highlights:

It doesn’t get better than being interviewed by Pati Jinich for The Splendid Table.

Cyrus Webb from Conversations Live is a great interviewer who clearly had read the book thoroughly. He made me want to write more books so I could be on his show again.

Good Food on KCRW.  Some of you have told me this is your favorite food show.

Iowa Public Radio, you are awesome. I was on this show with C.J. Bienert, of The Cheese Shop of Des Moines, and Sharon Oamek, who makes goat cheese in the Loess Hills.  I wonder if Host Charity Nebbe remembers that she promised to read a poem with me when I come to Des Moines this summer?

Vermont Edition bumped me at first so they could do a longer interview with Neko Case. This proves how smart they are because pretty much anyone would rather have more Neko Case. Heck, almost our whole department went to see her when she played in SF.

I definitely understood why Wisconsinites love Larry Meiller after he had me on his show. What a hoot!

Madison’s WORT “8 O’Clock Buzz” had some of my favorite hosts.  Aaron and Haywood had me on the day after the terrorist attacks in Paris so it was an odd time to talk about cheddar, but they made it work.  One of my favorite interviews.