Early morning cheese thoughts

Well, it’s 6 AM. I’m getting so used to getting up early every day (while subbing ’s receiving shifts for her vacation) that I’m waking up before my 6 AM alarm now. I don’t know what to think about that. Except that I’ve already made tea, washed dishes, and cut a dozen day-old bagels in half and stuck ‘em in the freezing.

Going to see Neko Case tonight with Stagey, Dairryiere and Dairryiere’s boyfriend (who I think had a nickname at one point, but I forgot it). I hope I can stay awake to a real adult bedtime.

Oh well, off to welcome the cheese to our store. Get on little Gouda. Welcome Winsome Washed-rinds. Bienvinidos both basic and bodacious Bries! Join us so-low-priced-that-you-are-probably-driving-farmers-out-business
-until-enough-cows-get-killed-to-lower-production Jack! Hop off those trucks and settle in to the walk-in!

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