The return of Pinky the Clown

Long time readers may remember my ex-co-worker/clown stripper entry from a few years back.* Well, Pinky showed up the other day at the store. She was all hunched, tweaky, and sniffly and was trying to quietly pass by the cheese section and into the backstock area. She had a bag, but I couldn’t tell if she had any products in it. I yelled out to her to stop as she shuffle-sneaked past.

“Don’t you remember me? I used to work here.” Pinky said. “I just need to use the bathroom.”

“Oh, I remember you. But you can’t go up there. You don’t work here anymore.”

She had every intention of just blowing past me, but four or five other workers — who had just finished dinner – were blocking the stairs. Actually, she was blocking them too. Impasse. One of them, who just happens to look really, really tough, said, “This is workers only.”

Pinky saw that she wasn’t going to get past and that she was all of a sudden drawing a lot of attention. She also, between me, the workers on the stairs, and the people doing produce prep, was outnumbered 10 to 1.

“Whatever, Show-off!” she yelled non-sensically as she huffed away.

Luckily on of the produce workers followed her and saw her trying to get into our other backstock area across the store. This made her excuse even less believable since – as an ex-worker — she knows there is no bathroom on that side of the store. She left then, before we had to officially kick her out.

Sigh. Another day at an urban grocery store…

*It’s a very good story for context. I recommend this link.

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