To keep you happy…

I am finishing up the final edits for my book this week (yes, March 2010 is still the tentative release date) and going to Austin for the annual American Cheese Society Conference on Monday, so it’s probably only links and short entries for the next couple of weeks. I don’t do the liveblogging thing…

Anyways, here is a video from the emergency dairy farmer protest last week in Wisconsin. Spending the 9 minutes watching this will be much more educational than reading my petty little cheese rants.


4 responses to “To keep you happy…

  1. Are you going to ACS to judge?
    I was supposed to go to help out, but after begging for info twice, and seeing how expensive it was going to be, I opted out. Can’t imagine shipping cheese in 100 degree heat.

    • yep, judging again. Too bad you’re not coming. It actually seems like a lot of people are skipping this year. I’ll miss you in the judging room.

      • Well, have fun, stay cool, and hope you are paired with someone nice. I enjoyed you as a judge, and hope to have you again in the future.

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