Healthcare in the USA

This blog is for cheese and while that is political at times, I do most of my more political ranting elsewhere (usually in the walk-in cooler at work, if truth be told). But since John Mackey brought the subject up, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention something about the current historic moment we are in and the real possibility that we will lose it without any real change in the way healthcare works in this country. And make no mistake, the way healthcare works in this country is a crime.

Here’s my friend Bee Lavender’s article from the UK Guardian: American healthcare is in truth already rationed

I could list tons of similar examples from people I know, but Bee does a better job than I would. Obviously as a worker co-op my workplace prioritizes healthcare — free healthcare (with some deductibles and limits of course) for workers over 25 hours/week including domestic partners/spouses/dependents and a fair amount of alternative treatment options. It is our biggest expense outside of wages and it is growing the fastest but I doubt we will ever question the amount of money we put into it. This also means — in real terms — that many of us make less money than we would otherwise in actual wages and profit sharing. In the lack of constant worry and fear of massive debt though, it is, like Bee’s article, a glimpse into a better way. One that people will not give up easily once they have it. Since it is not yet possible for everyone to work in a worker cooperative, something major needs to be done. Now.

Everyone has a right to safe and appropriate healthcare. Period. The state of healthcare in this country –including the fact that it is the leading cause of bankruptcy — is a national embarrassment, as is most of the current “debate”.

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  1. Thank you for this.

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