ACS 2009 — Best of Show


Anyone who follows cheese probably already knows this but this years American Cheese Society winner – and one of my all-time favorite cheeses – was Rogue River Blue from the Rogue Creamery in Central Point Oregon. It’s a seasonal, raw milk, blue wrapped in brandy-soaked grape leaves. It’s intense, creamy, and sweet. It’s one of the best cheeses – not just in the USA – but anywhere.

Cary and David, owners of Rogue Creamery. Congratulations!

Here’s the Rogue River Blue on the judging table. Sorry for the non-artisitc picture. I didn’t know it had won at that point:

One of the funny things about judging is that the winners aren’t announced for a few days so we have to keep it a secret. When Cary sat down next to me at a lunch I was terrified I’d say something by accident. “Dud-duh-duh, nice weather, eh?”

2nd Place went to Cowgirl Creamery for Red Hawk, a past Best of Show winner. Awesome washed-rind at the height of ripeness. They may hate me for posting this, but look at the excited Cowgirls!

3rd place was a tie with Sid Cook’s Cave-aged Mellage and Consider Bardwell’s Ruppert (ha! I mentioned their cheeses last year too. They actually have their own website now)

Congrats everyone!

3 responses to “ACS 2009 — Best of Show

  1. I remember a drop-dead delicious blue that made it to the finals at the Burlington VT ACS competition(actually, I remember several). Do you know if the Rogue River Blue has done well before?

  2. In Vermont it was one of their other blues that won a first in category (I just looked it up… it was their Echo Mountain in the mixed milk blue category). I don’t know if the Rogue River ever won anything at ACS before. It did win Best Blue in the London World Cheese Championships in the early part of this decade though.

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