American Cheese Society Favorite Cheeses (Part 5)

This one is cheating a little – since I knew about this cheese for the last few months — but I was extremely happy to see the Labne from Karoun Dairies (beware cheesy flash website!) take first place in the cultured milk product category. I love this tart, creamy, kefir cheese. My pantry – I just counted – has ten empty Karoun Labne containers in it as I write this. I have been going through more than one a week for most of the last few months!

Here it is:

I love it for breakfast with berries and our bulk, dark honey. For lack of a better description, it’s like a less rich and dense, more tart, cream cheese.

3 responses to “American Cheese Society Favorite Cheeses (Part 5)

  1. I agree, our website used to be cheesy…but check it out now! 😉

    You can even order your favorite cheese online.

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  3. I love this cheese on toast, peta bread, sandwich, spinach pies,
    grape leaves, kebee meat, and just about everything else. I want to
    order some but cant find were to order it. It is great.

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