Wisconsin here I come!

Hey folks,

I will be on a whirlwind Wisconsin (cow milk) cheese tour so don’t expect any posts from me this week. Hopefully I’ll have good pictures and stories when I get back.

I will be back in town in time for the California Artisan Cheese Guild Benefit (held at the San Francisco Cheese School) on Friday night. If you want an evening of cheese eating, cheesemaker schmoozing, and/or something to do before the clubs open, this is well worth the $35. Reserve your spot through the Cheese School (and check out their other classes while your there!).

2 responses to “Wisconsin here I come!

  1. Who are you hitting up in Wisco?

    • It’s a Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board trip: Widmer Cheese Co., RothKase, Crave Brothers, and Maple Leaf Co-op. Fly in Sunday night, Fly back Wednesday. (I wish I could visit MPLS).

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