Holiday cheese plates

Not to make anyone jealous, but this was our x-mas cheese plate.

From the top left going clockwise: Bufala Casatica (Buffalo Brie come around the outside! Around the outside!*), Cowgirl Mt Tam, Jasper Hill Bayley Hazen Blue, Coach Farm Triple Cream Goat, Lazy Lady Sweet Emotion**, A Swiss Alpage*** cheese so rare and expensive that I immediately forgot its name, Marieke Gouda with Foenegreek.

And since we’re showing home movies, here are my lasagnas:
(These are filled with Bellwether Jersey Ricotta, by the way. Good ricotta is the secret to good lasagna.)

And here is the Dutch Oven that Santa brought us (so colorful that it makes our oven look really bad. No criticism accepted unless you too live in an apartment where turning on the oven is your main source of heat)

I’d show you the pot roast that Stagey cooked but I took the photos too close and they look more like turds than tasty meat.

Oh wait, here’s what was left of a 7 lb roast (spoon for scale):

What cheese did you serve for the holidays?

**This article has the awesomest cheesemaker quote ever. Take heed wanna-be back-to-the-landers: ““No friends, no social life. My only other communication is with other cheese makers. And the farmers’ market.”
***Alpage means it’s from the highest elevation the Alpine cows are grazing at, considered the best, richest, tastiest milk of the year.

8 responses to “Holiday cheese plates

  1. we didn’t have christmas dinner, so instead i share the cheeses i bought as a gift for friends…brebisrousse d’argental (mild and creamy sheep), a little button of goat cheese with an olive/some tapenade in the middle (it has a name! but i don’t remember it), and for NYE, a leftover bit of a buche, all ashy and creamy and goatrific.

    i wanna try those lazy lady cheeses…gonna look for them on my birthday trip to nyc. they sound (and at least in this photo, look) pretty delicious.

  2. We had the Dunbarton! My bosses were in SF and texted me to see if I wanted anything from Rainbow so I requested a pound. That, with Mt. Townsend’s Cirrus and North Valley Chevre’s new 60-day aged goat cheese they debuted at the market about a month ago, served with Panforte.

    PS I *totally get the no social life but cheesemakers and farmers market. Saturday mornings are my rejuvenation day!

  3. Rogue River Blue, Cabot Clothbound cheddar, Cazelle St. Affrique, Celebrity Dairy Party, Sweetgrass Dairy’s Green Hill. And a tiny, tiny chunk of Beaufort d’ Alpage.

    • That’s a pretty awesome cheese plate, Sister Beer! I must admit I’ve never tried the Celebrity Dairy cheeses… Good?

      • Yeah, they mostly do Montrachet style and I think they’re quite good. They also do a Valencay type pyramid and some spreadable flavors, but I really love the fresh stuff. And if we have an extra log or two, we put them up and age them a month or so–divine.

  4. Just discovered your blog via Cheese & Champagne. I’m a huge cheese lover myself so I like the coverage.

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