Just call me Babs

I have to get back to the Food Show, but hey, I got an awesome review from Jeanne Carpenter on “Cheese Underground” blog.

Not only does she call me the Barbara Mandrell of the cheese counter, but who could ask for better praise than this:

I bought and sped read his book last week as a writing assignment for a magazine and have to admit I was not looking forward to it, as I’ve really started dreading reading cheese books. Most of the cheese guides hitting the book stores these days are full of pretentious verbiage written by people who assume that by reputation alone, they are THE authority on cheese.

Not Gordon.

I’m totally gonna start putting peanuts in my Coke.

2 responses to “Just call me Babs

  1. Hey there – just read the advance reader’s copy of your book (what can I say? the perks of working at a bookstore!) and loved it. As a radical bookseller at a progressive bookstore, and a former cheesemaker, it was just a great read from start to finish. I loved the information and the politics. Can’t wait to buy a copy for my cheesemaker friends!

  2. I’m a regular reader of Cheese Underground and saw the review. I picked up your book on Jeanne’s recommendation. Just finished it today. I loved it and hope I’ll be able to get my copy signed when you’re up in Seattle in May.

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