Santa Rosa and Ronald Reagan

I’ll always have love for Santa Rosa and the North Bay. My buddy Spring set up a reading for me last week at the Micro Gallery. Spring is a big part of the Hand Cart Regatta up there so I knew it would be fun.

It was a great crowd. They ate cheese. They laughed at the right times. They gathered my notes when they flew out of my book. They discussed things amongst themselves during the Q and A. It was great.

Normally I wouldn’t this boring looking picture, but it’s important:
santa rosa table

Part of my regular reading schtick is talking about the importance of punk rock in the ‘80s to people like me, and how it ended up making me a cheesemonger. Specifically, I read the section in my book about the Reagan cultural revolution and how I saw it as a teen. So, after talking shit about Reagan for 10-15 minutes, and finishing the Q and A, one of the gallery folks came up and said, “You know, Ronald Reagan ate dinner at that table you were sitting on.”

Evidently the table had been his father’s and someone had invited Reagan over after one of those Bohemian Grove/Illuminati meetings in the North Bay. For the record, the gallery person’s dad was super mad about the whole thing.

Anyways, it was a nice feeling, even if chronologically reversed. “My ass, your face, Ronnie!”
santa rosa reading

(Thanks to Meridith, my school mate since 5th grade for showing up and taking the picture!)

4 responses to “Santa Rosa and Ronald Reagan

  1. That’s pretty damn funny. I just read that part of your book last night- being a lifelong lefty I enjoyed it. This is icing on the cake.

  2. “even if chronologically reversed. “My ass, your face, Ronnie!””

    you could even say “in hindsight”, oh ho. parumpum.

    love those fun little facts. fitting note about the table.

    • ha! Hey dude, why haven’t you changed your plane reservation so you can come to my reading in Seattle?

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