Cheese-a-Topia favorites: Blues

How about some blues? I’ve written about a lot of the good ones in this category over the years so here are two that surprised me.

North Hendren Cooperative Dairy Black River Caraway Blue. All I can say is, I never thought of putting caraway in blue cheese but it was surprisingly good.

This was the biggest surprise though. My cheese buddy and fellow cheese judge Emi was judging the blues as I walked by and he said you have to try this. I looked at it and thought to myself, “Wow, that looks like the Blue cheese that Bravo Farms used to make years ago.” When I tasted it, I thought, “It tastes a lot like that cheese, but much creamier and with a much bigger blue flavor. Oh, how we need a high fat/high moisture blue in California… I wonder who makes this.”

During the awards ceremony, I couldn’t wait for the winner of the “Blue-veined made from cow’s milk with a rind or external coating” category to be announced, because whatever it was already on my list of cheeses to seek out after the conference.

What a shock when I found out it was the Bravo Bl’u!* Evidently they started making it again, although in such small quantities that it is not in distribution. Pretty!

If you’re in the Central Valley, stop by the farm store and pick some up. He’s the Bravo Owner Bill with some unidentified cheese person “borrowing” his blue ribbon for a picture.

*no, I don’t understand the apostrophe either

One response to “Cheese-a-Topia favorites: Blues

  1. that was definitely a highlight for me. wish you could’ve seen it when we first unwrapped it (think you were hitting the little judges room at the time or on a break of some sort) such a unique and beautiful thing!

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