Patricia Unterman likes my book

I almost didn’t want to link this because it gives me way too much credit at the expense of my cheese co-workers.* But any praise from a well-known food writer that says, “Rainbow Grocery, the worker-owned, natural foods supermarket, currently has the best cheese department in San Francisco, taking into consideration range, price and quality,” is something that should get out there. Especially from a writer who once compared shopping in our store to shopping in the Soviet Union.* 😉

*Without the work of Mariah, Jenny, Pete, Anna, Kelly, Pat, and D’louie during the transition years from the old store to the new one, no one would be talking about our cheese department and I certainly wouldn’t have had a book on cheese published.
**It’s true though, that at least one old Russian lady has fled the store when the found out it was a collective.
*** The comparison was in here, but she was actually saying how much more she liked the store at our current location

4 responses to “Patricia Unterman likes my book

  1. François Villeneuve

    That last link doesn’t seem to work.

  2. Ha! She said “prickly!”

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