“Persian” “Fetta” from “Australia”

So, how long do you think it took for a Persian-American customer to (rightfully) be all, “WTF with this “Persian” “Fetta” from Australia?”


I have no idea why they call it “Persian”. I mean, as opposed to our other Australian marinated feta, this one is made with cow milk which seems less Persian than most other soft, brined cheeses. Supposedly, its been marketed that way in Australia for years. In fact, there was a lawsuit about whether or not Yarra Valley owned the name “Persian Fetta”. They lost. I also found an amusing debate on the internet from 2007 about whether this feta had anything to do with Persia/Iran. The consensus seems to be, “no”.

I bought these because the cheese is good and it’s one of those dirt-cheap mistake cheeses, 8.8 oz cans we are retailing for $2.99 ea until they are gone. But, the same way I wouldn’t sell the “French” Yogurt cheese that was made in Wisconsin and won’t sell the “Marin Cheese Company” Feta that’s made in France, I avoid misleading labels. We are making it very clear that it’s actually from Australia, but I’ll be glad when it’s gone… even though the can is actually very cute and I bought some myself. We carry this cheese regularly under a label that just calls it marinated feta.

Oh, and the question in the first sentence was a trick. The answer was negative five minutes. The customer saw me opening the box. I hadn’t even gotten it on the shelf yet!

6 responses to ““Persian” “Fetta” from “Australia”

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  2. Is it the feta formerly called 34 degrees feta? if it IS, does it have to be kept cold? I want some!!! Is it delicious?
    send me some!!!!!


    • Nope, it’s not the 34 Degrees. It’s Yarra Valley, the cow milk one with more garlic. And yes, these actually do need refrigeration. You don’t need a can opener to open these.

  3. Random thoughts:

    I found these guys supremely entertaining when I visited their booth last year at Fancy Food. Also, I try not to let marketing influence me, but there is something about their logo and typography that makes me want to hug it. Or buy it. Either way. And, I’ve always been startled by the double T in that word in both the UK/Australia/New Zealand. It comes up often in my cookbooks, and every time I immediately assume it is a typo, until I remember that it’s how those folks swing. Technically, though, since the Greeks supposedly stole the word from the Italians (fetta = slice), they have the upper hand here.

    Also, I’m just always amused by cheese in a can. I still haven’t gotten my hands on some Cougar, but I probably should make that happen soon. And $2.99? Yeehaw!

    That’s all. I probably should avoid commenting before my coffee kicks in.

    • well a lot of feta comes to us in 30 lb cans so I’m used to it with feta. And this really is an awesome deal. They have March sell by dates but I have eaten this feta months past the expiration date with nothing but joy.

      Hopefully I’ll see you at the Kurt Timmermeister reading!

  4. I snuck by to get some last night but it was quiet in the cheese department. I have a feeling I’ll have a date with the can and some fruit some time this evening. Although I might be suffering cheese guilt, because today was my day off and I took my vegan visiting friend to Tomales Bay Foods and managed to successfully corrupt her with Cowgirl cheese. I’m waiting for some sort of deity to smite me.

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