I’m on my soapbox

Check out my piece here on Zester Daily. It includes all my pet peeves and also highlights the struggle of Bleating Heart Cheese Company to keep calling one of their cheeses “Sonoma Toma” in the face of a cease and desist letter from a company that no longer makes cheese in Sonoma County. Feel free to link or share this article because I think this issue is one that should be discussed by cheese lovers everywhere.


The Zester folks are also having a Culture Magazine and cheese knife giveaway so check that out too if you want.

Also, I just realized I never linked this here. I got asked by the SF Weekly about my thoughts on that NY Times affinage article. I had been working for ten hours and had my coat on to leave, but it turned out ok.

My new motto is “Meh!”. (Though I am fond of being called the “Barbara Mandrell of the cheese counter”)

3 responses to “I’m on my soapbox

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    If that’s your new motto, this shirt is PERFECT for you!

  2. Want some more stomach turning info. Read this.


    When will government start working for us and not the rich bastards?

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