Occupy cheese

I haven’t written about cheese in the last couple of weeks because – frankly – my free time has been spent with the Occupy movement, most notably the Oakland General Strike.*

If I took the time to write a treatise on the movement and my feelings about it, I would never get this done. For the moment I’d say that there is – for the first time in my lifetime – a potential for a mass change of consciousness and politics from the “Greed is Good” era ushered in by Reagan to one that actually serves human needs and strengthens communities.

A few worker co-op buddies at the Oakland General Strike

My cheese writing will continue soon. And it’s not like cheese is unrelated to these issues. I mean, farmers pretty much get screwed no matter who’s in office – and that certainly pre-dates the ‘80s — but a food movement moving away from Earl Butz-era go-big-or-get-out and the continued corporate consolidation of farming is already here. It fits in perfectly with a 99% vs. 1% political movement.

In fact, the 99% vs. 1% language (while clearly imperfect and imprecise) does cut to the heart of the matter in many ways. For food issues, it does away with all the B.S. urban vs. rural things that are unimportant compared to 1. Can small farmers make a living on the land? and 2. Can people access have access to good, healthy food?

We’re all in this together. This is our chance to remember that.


*I know it was not a real general strike, but it was a lot closer to one than I imagined it would be.

2 responses to “Occupy cheese

  1. Kudos, Gordon. The cheese can wait! Or should I say age… 😉

  2. Keep fighting the good fight Gordon!

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