Cheese class next week

I am teaching a class at the Cheese School a week from tonight and there are still some tickets left!

For 20 years the American Cheese Society has hosted an annual competition to recognize the best in American cheesemaking. Two decades ago the judges tasted and rated 20 cheeses over a weekend, at ACS 2012 that number has climbed to over 1,700. The competition is fierce, the cheeses are fantastic, and you’ll not find any coverage of the cheese-off on ESPN nor the Food Channel. Who won? Who lost? Why? Let ACS judge and Rainbow Grocery cheese buyer Gordon Edgar regale you with the stories while you taste the fruits of his labors: 2012’s first place winners. Also, before you leave, be sure to ask Gordon the question that has always stumped us: “How can one judge taste nearly 2000 cheeses in only two days?”

2 responses to “Cheese class next week

  1. Hi Gordon, read your book recently and have been following your blog for a few months now, both very enjoyable. I have a question about cheese judging – wine and coffee judges tend to spit samples out while they’re tasting, so I’m wondering if cheese judges do anything similar, or maybe eat a cracker in between samples? Thanks.

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