ACS 2013

Oh, another ACS conference come and gone… While I am super happy to be home after 10 days in Wisconsin, I am already missing the camaraderie inherent in putting 1000 of the nation’s most cheese-obsessed people in one room for a week. It really is a special event.

I heard a lot of people refer to this year’s conference as the best ever so thanks first to the organizers: Jeanne Carpenter, Sara Hill, Bob Wills, and the whole ACS staff. Great Job. You make Wisconsin pleasant even with Scott Walker as Governor.

During the course of my trip I judged 100 cheeses, tasted another couple hundred, went to a bunch of presentations, visited six cheese plants and three stores, did a cheese/class reading, ate cheese curds in at least five different ways, and basically exhausted myself.

I’ll be doing my usual conference re-cap over the next few days so get ready. We will discuss judging, the roasted pig party, Madison, and a bunch of other cheesy things.

P.S. South Bay folks, don’t forget, I am doing a free reading and mini cheese tasting on Monday night at the Sunnyvale Public Library. Also, anyone near Butte, Montana, I am Skyping in to your library on Friday 8/16. Someday I’d love to come in person.

3 responses to “ACS 2013

  1. My boss Blain was one of the Teeming Masses who met you at ACS. I gave him your book the day we met and because we are up at 4 every day to make cheese, he has yet to read the damned thing! I told him it was a “conversational, practical and gonzo memoir.”

    • “conversational, practical and gonzo memoir.”

      I guess reading all that Hunter S. Thompson as a teen really paid off! 😉

      I remember the name, where do you folks make cheese?

  2. Was great to finally meet you in person; thanks for the first-timer tips. A great conference, literally acres of cheese.

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