Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I celebrated New Year’s Eve by counting cheese and falling asleep early. Yep, still living the dream…

Just wanted to let you know that I am working on a fun project that I hope to have up by the end of January. I’m adding pictures of people, places, and cheeses that I wrote about in Cheddar. They will be organized by chapter so you can check them out as you read or re-read.

So, do you want to see that “cheese replica” I was so disappointed in? See curds being milled?  See what some of the best cheddar-makers in the country look like?  See my professional-quality picture of the carousel inside House on the Rock that I took using tricks I learned while working at a one-hour lab 25 years ago?  Come back in about a month. It’s gonna be awesome.

P.S.  I almost forgot… check out my radio interview on Good Food with Evan Kleiman. It’s airing as I type this!

7 responses to “Happy New Year!

  1. Bought a copy of CHEDDAR at Northshire Book Store in Manchester, Vermont, as an Xmas gift for my husband, Rust Glover. He’s excited to get into it, but I read it that very night, so I can say that it’s an exciting and fun read. Thanks so much Gordon. Angela Miller, Consider Bardwell Farm, West Pawlet, Vermont.

  2. Great way to add layers of experience to the experience! Looking forward to it!

  3. I’m reading “Cheddar” right now, so I’ll be ready for the photos. I read “Chessemonger” when it came out and want to thank you for introducing me to Carr Valley Cheese. We drive past Mauston every summer on our way to Wyoming and now make regular stops on the way up and back. 🙂 Can’t believe I missed it for all the years I didn’t know it was there.

    Happy 2016!


  4. Dear Mr. Edgar,
    Thanks to my niece who forwarded the Wisconsin Journal article on the Wisconsin winning cheese for 2016.
    I literally “grew up” in a cheese factory in Wisconsin, near Madison.
    Now at age 78, I realize I am one of the few in my family that has direct recollections of the cheese making industry in rural Wis.
    My father Edgar Albertz, along with my brother, 2 or 3 uncles and cousins were all licensed cheese makers. They have all passed on. I have so many memories of living in rural Wisconsin.
    I have ordered your book, and look forward to reading it.
    Beverly Kopp

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