Special Cheddar Class!!

I know you are used to getting me for free.  That’s cool and all — I wouldn’t be touring the SFPL if it wasn’t — but actual intensive cheese classes have their place.

My next local cheese event is at the Cheese School on April 19 and I am super excited about this.  We will taste a number of cheddars —  various ages, from nearby and far away — that show the breadth of styles of this seemingly ubiquitous cheese. These cheddars will represent the history of the America’s most popular cheese for 150 years and we get into why cheddar has changed so much, how it is thought of in different regions of the country, and why cheddar is a great way to look into the evolution of the US food system.

Oh and we are eating the cheddars with beer! Go to the Cheese School site and buy your ticket. April 19!


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