Hott cheese of ACS 2017 (or at least the ones of which I happened to take in-focus pictures)


Oh chocolate chevre…  you are so tasty, like a little goat milk cheesecake.choco chevre acs 2017

And you with your little fuse…. you look like something an 1800s anarchist would throw at the ruling class! little bombs acs 2017

You may be bathed in wine, but you could be a ska band logo.brigid bender acs 2017

I don’t remember your name, one-night-cheese-stand but your party on top, scaly on the side, rind is very unique.  I’ve never met anyone just like you.cheese to judge 2017

The Minutemen had a song about “Jesus and Tequila.” 164 KN 01 brings you cheeses and tequila. Oh yes.tequila cheese acs 2017

The beauty of the thistle, thanks to Lark’s Meadow Farm.You need to copyright the word “Thistlicious” right now.larks meadow acs 2017

American Cheese Society conference, 2017

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