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Food show anniversaries!

There was celebrating in the aisles!

Congrats Redwood Hill on 45 years!

Congrats Cypress Grove on 30!

Schnitzel visits Cypress Grove

Between having a bad cold that I just could not kick and he craziness of the cheese season (wonderful local writer Bucky Sinister coined it “Cheeseon” when I was talking about it on facebook the other day) I have been ignoring you here. Sorry.

schnitzel at cypress grove

I will make up for it by posting this picture of a desk at Cypress Grove Chevre. That is a picture my dog eating a copy of my book. I sent these out as thank you postcards to folks who donated cheese and held readings for me. I had almost forgotten about it when Bob sent me this. His desk is much cleaner than mine.

Anyways, back to the cheese mines…