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Dolores Park when I moved to SF

Hey, this is uncommon for me, but I’m gonna post a non-cheese related entry today.

Yesterday on Mission Mission I read a post and felt old. Someone had posted a photo from 1989 and they were treating it (somewhat tongue-in-cheek) as an ancient artifact.*

1989 was when I moved to San Francisco and I lived right on Dolores Park until mid-1991 (when I moved to 20th and Mission). I have a favorite picture of Dolores Park from that era so I thought I’d scan and post it.

A week or two after Bush Sr. started the first Gulf War San Francisco had a huge protest. We watched the crowd grow outside our window (and let people in to use the bathroom since no one rented honey buckets for protests back then) and I finally took a picture when the crowd got huge. Then we rushed downstairs and joined the march.

1991 dolores park protest

Oh yeah, all the people in the park were there for the protest, not sunbathing. The park was empty by the time we got to City Hall.

Here’s me in the park in 1989 with a slightly different SF skyline:
dolores park 1989

Here’s the northeast corner of the park before the soccer field was put in:
north east dolores park 1989

Oh, and here is the world’s worst vegetarian Chinese restaurant, Real Good Karma (now the Dolores Park Café):
real good karma 1989

This has been a public service announcement.

*My favorite part of the Mission Mission post was the line “Nobody’d quite heard of Nirvana back then!” Actually, we had, but we were denouncing them for signing to a major label. Heh, youth…