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Doing some cheese research, I came across an “Import Refusal Report” that was pretty gross. However, I came across a word that is perfect to describe certain cheese manufacturing conditions.

Violation Code Section Charge Statement
FILTHY 402(a)(3), 801(a)(3); ADULTERATION The article appears to consist in whole or in part of a filthy, putrid, or decomposed substance or be otherwise unfit for food.

MFR INSAN 801(a)(1); INSANITARY MANUFACTURING, PROCESSING OR PACKING The article appears to have been manufactured, processed, or packed under insanitary conditions.

Now, I looked it up, and it appears “insanitary” is a real word (so is “unsanitary”, the word I thought was being misspelled when I first read this). It means, unsurprisingly, “so dirty or germ-ridden as to be a danger to health”. However, I really like it as a description of the manufacturing process of a small minority of food producers who don’t seem to get basic food safety issues. As in, your sense of sanitation is INSANE!”