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Cheese of the Week

My cheeses of the week

(I decided that every week after I work a Saturday behind the counter that I will make a post about my favorite cheeses of the week. This is not a promotional thing; sometimes they may even be out of stock by the time I write this. I just want to share the cheese love. There will be pictures if I remember to bring my camera. If I don’t there won’t. Basically, these will just be the cheeses that I most enjoyed sampling out to cheese lovers over the weekend.)

Bleating Heart Shepherdista:
It’s bee a long wait since the last time Seana had sheep cheese available, but it’s worth it. She toyed with the idea of calling it “Barely Legal” since it’s raw milk and just over 60 days, but this cheese needs no novelty name. You – the cheese public — do need to appreciate it more though. It’s amazingly complex for such a young cheese. Rich, milky-sweet, and lemony in a green peppercorn kind of way.

Consider Bardwell Manchester:
Washed rind, raw, goat milk cheese from Vermont. I actually haven’t had a cheese from Consider Bardwell that I don’t think its amazing, but this is my favorite. You can smell it’s there when you unwrap it, but it’s not too intense. Semi-soft, big flavor, earthy, slight pungency… just awesome. I am bummed that we will run out of this soon.

*It has nothing to do with the cheese, but saying “Shepherdista” so much put this great Clash song in my head: