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Cheese-a-Topia favorites: Appalaichian

Alright, the ACS conference feels like years ago and I’m still not finished mentioning my favorite cheeses. I need to get a move-on, eh?

A cheese that surprised me with how much better it has gotten was the Meadow Creek Dairy Appalachian which took first place in the American Originals (original recipe made form cow milk) category:

I have always loved their Grayson, a raw milk Taleggio-style cheese, and I love that they are a pasture-based dairy from Virginia, but while I always thought the Appalaichian was good, this batch I tasted at the conference was fabulous. I always kind of lumped this in with the other American-made Alpine-style cheeses, but the Appalaichan proved itself to have some very unique flavors. Nutty, grassy, sweet, a little pungent. This is a big success!