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Master of Cheeses

You all saw this thing about “clever” cheese signs in the NY Times, right? I have mixed feelings. (I love Martin Johnson’s work though) At what point are we calling attention to the cheese and at what point are we just calling attention to ourselves as cheesemongers (and faux self-deprecatingly showing off “our” useless liberal arts degrees)? Does it take away from the cheese to force witticisms upon it?

I’m asking… Seriously.

Can I just remind you that if you do not read Cheese Underground, you are missing out? And not just because she dubbed me the “Barbara Mandrell of the Cheese Counter”

Finally, I got interviewed for the “Masters of Cheese” series at Rumiano Cheese’s website. That, of course made me go listen to this:

Master of puppets
I’m pulling your string (cheese)
Twisting your rind and smashing your Brie

And I know you all already read about the Norwegian cheese fire so I won’t even bother with that one…

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