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Buy Good Shepherd cheese

From Tim Gaddis (ex Star Provisions) of Many Fold Farm:

Mongers, buyers,cheese lovers I would like to encourage you to check out Good Shepherd cheese. Good Shepherd is a sheep dairy just outside of Lexington,KY. Sanford Dotson is the owner and maker. Sanford suffered a heart attack last week and had to have open heart surgery. His son is currently making the cheese. They need to move some cheese to help pay for medical bills. This is in my opinion some of the best aged sheep cheese being made in the US. His signature cheese is called Pyrenees. As the name would suggest it is a Classic Pyrenees style cheese. They were recently featured in the Culture magazine pairings issue. Paired with of course bourbon. He is asking you pay for orders up front so they can take care of some of those medical bills. Just buy one wheel and try it. I promise you will want more.”

I’m going to get some for Rainbow, but if you are not in SF, you can also order online here.