First place for Harley Farms

As I do every year that Dee from Harley Farms can’t attend the cheese conference, I drive down to Pescadero, hand over their ribbons, then go buy an ollalieberry pie at Duarte’s Tavern. Production stops and we have a mini awards ceremony with all the workers.

(Thanks to Laurie!) This year’s picture is the best ever:

harley victory

Look at me acting like I had something to do with it! Congrats Harley Farms on first place for fresh chevre!*

*for the record, I did not judge that category

3 responses to “First place for Harley Farms

  1. Way to go! Everybody looks young! Except Dee! What a great Birthday present! Happy Birthday friend XXA Cloud

  2. This is great i truly have enjoyed your website and the success you have made in the dairy business.Your dedication shows and reflects in every aspect of your business and people that surround you. What a Champion. Any advice you could give me on starting a dairy farm would be helpful or web site to learn to get started? Your web site is so inspiring . I’m really excited about the prospect of goat dairy farming in Lancaster, South Carolina. Thanks, ROB

    • Rob, sorry I missed this email when it came in for some reason. Thanks so much!

      I really recommend talking to other goat dairy folks. The American Dairy Goat Association has a lot of resources and the American Cheese Society does as well. Though she is known for home cheesemaking, Ricki Carroll and the folks at New England Cheesemaking Supply have years of experience on the cheese side of things.

      Also, In a couple of months Gianaclis Caldwell of Pholia Farm is coming out with a how-to book on doing a family, off-the-grid, goat dairy. It will be on Chelsea Green as well.

      Good luck!

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