The first review is in…

I am a big Deborah Madison fan. I’ve lived in collective vegetarian houses for much of my adult life and her “Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone” was like the vegetarian Joy of Cooking for me. It was my first post-Moosewood cook book and it truly taught me how to cook some very good food.

So, imagine my surprise to see her blog entry the other day. Wow. I’m feeling pretty honored right now.

2 responses to “The first review is in…

  1. Nice! But how did she get an advance copy? (Pardon my shameless begging… )

    • ha! They are in the process of getting it blurbed. It’s still in pdf form so I guess I shouldn’t call it a “book” yet. Not out til March.

      But I do hope to get you a promo copy. Thanks for the support.

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