American Cheese Society Conference: my favorite new cheeses

Finally, finally finally, Dear Readers, I have gotten around to mentioning my favorite new (to me) cheeses from the ACS conference. Blame my bad teeth. After a couple of crowns and a root canal, all I want to do is watch crappy TV instead of write anything. When I finally did get around to this, it longer than I intended so I will dole them out one at a time this week. In no particular order, here we go:

1. Prairie Breeze The not-so-nice side of me was almost upset that Prairie Breeze won best in its category and much acclaim. I had already tasted it and ordered 800 lbs planning to be first on my block and all that… Seriously though, I am happy for the father and son cheesemakers who I got to meet briefly at the conference. Basically it’s a big, sweet, sharp cheddar – that new cheddar flavor profile that everyone seems to love. I love it too. Every piece comes with a sticker that reads, “Made with milk from small family farms” — local Amish farm milk that you know is rBGH-free.

Oh look, here it is:

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