American Cheese Society Conference: Favorite cheeses (continued)

I am proud to call the Pure Luck Dairy folks friends. (I guess I have a weakness for Texas hippies since I am dating one…) They make some of the best goat cheese in the country. I just wished I lived close enough to buy it! I would recommend all of it, but I was reminded at this conference that their Hopelessly Blue is a stunning cheese.

I took an awful picture of it:

(I hope this is the worst cheese photo I ever post here. In my defense, I was only taking the photo so I could look up the cheese afterwards to see what it was. Next year I won’t slack so much on the photos.)

Hopelessly Blue is my favorite domestic goat blue. It’s got that goat tang, but a richness that other goat cheeses often don’t have. And they didn’t skimp on the Penicillium. Many blue cheeses seem to be ashamed of being blue, treating it like a flavoring or afterthought. In fact, I’d probably say this cheese is hopelessly devoted to blue* except that the way the cheese biz is going, someone has probably already copyrighted that phrase. If you are anywhere near Texas, find this cheese.


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