American Cheese Society Conference: Favorite cheeses (part 3)

Hidden Springs Feta I have raved about Brenda’s Ocooch Mountain previously, but I hadn’t actually tried her feta. I don’t know why. She was even making it when I visited her farm last year. Let that be a lesson, even if the fancy and unique catch the eye first, there is a reason some styles of cheese are so popular.

While walking around the judging room I saw the sheep feta winner and thought, “you know, I’ve never had a good American sheep feta.” Oh man, this cheese – which I later found out was the Hidden Springs Feta – was everything you want in a feta: creamy, rich, tangy, and salty. I wanted it with bread! I wanted it in salad! I wanted more!

Here are some of her sheep (because they are cuter than a picture of white cubes in a plastic tub):

And here’s Brenda, the cheesemaker, last year at her farm:

yeah, I never did get time to write about that visit.

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