It’s always fun when Janet Fletcher comes into the store. Janet is one of the few people who can write well about cheese without having been a cheese worker. If that sounds like a backhanded compliment, it’s not. There is a lot of misinformation and hype disguised as authoritative information and I think it’s a lot harder to sort out when you don’t handle, cut, wrap and taste a few thousand lbs. a week.

She does a weekly cheese column for the SF Chronicle so I always try to give her tastes of new cheeses for her to write about. 52 a year is no joke!

I sampled her a cheese called Challerhocker that I hadn’t even unwrapped yet and three weeks later here it is. It is truly an awesome cheese. The only thing Janet didn’t mention is that the name means something like “aged in the cellar” and has a label that looks like a child who’s been locked in the cellar for quite some time.

(I will get a better picture tomorrow)

Of course the funniest thing is that someone (Hi Laurie!) wrote a pro-Gordon comment in the comments section and someone else felt compelled to write a “whatever to Gordon, have you heard of Mark Todd, The Cheese Dude?” reply.

Long-time readers of my blog may remember Mark as the guy who tasted a cheese at an event and said, “THAT’S PIMP!” in response to its excellent flavor and mouthfeel. I love Mark Todd! He’s one of my favorite cheese people. You don’t have to choose between us!

3 responses to “Challerhocker

  1. Janet’s cheese column is something I try to check out as often as possible. I hadn’t seen this one but will look for the cheese. I owe her a thank you for writing up Wavreumont (which, alas, I don’t see in the store any more).

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