Challerhocker 2: the questioning

I love the Challerhocker even more now than I did last week. Not only is the cheese awesome and the label super creepy:


But we keep getting Swiss people contacting us saying they don’t believe this cheese even exists! Now, I’m not above making up cheese names for a specific reason — *cough* Tommy Bartlett Tomme *cough* — but seriously, It’s new, it’s a great cheese and it’s really from Switzerland!

7 responses to “Challerhocker 2: the questioning

  1. I’m comin’ in to get some! How much have you got? Do I need to run?

  2. man… i’m pretty saturated with swiss variations for the season, but you’re making me want to order a wheel now just because! i think i just might have to.

  3. Wow, it sounds like an exciting cheese! Do you know if they have distribution to Texas.

  4. Indeed, this cheese is awesome!

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