Bad Bocconcini

The other day Nick Mamatas asked me what my happiest day was as a cheesemonger.* Well, last Saturday certainly wasn’t it.

We had an in store demo scheduled for the week before. Even though I got about 100lbs of pre-packed bocconcini, we couldn’t sell it because it wasn’t sealed correctly and it was spilling all over the place. I figured we could give it away, but, unfortunately, it was already rancid. Yuck, spit, hawk, spit, yuck, rinse.

Because we’re good little environmentalists, I opened every package and drained it in the sink so we could compost the cheese and recycle the plastic tubs. Luckily my co-worker Minnesota Nice captured it all with action photos on his cell phone.

Mmmmmm, sink full of nasty!
bad bocconcin

Bocconcini be gone!
bad bocc4

Into the compost!
bad bocc

This is the real glamor of working with cheese… Saturday nights spent getting soaked with the smelly discharge of unsellable dairy.

*I told him he’d have to buy the book. BTW, check out this awesome mention in Publisher’s Weekly! (and don’t forget to look at the other books by Allison Hooper and Max McCallman) It even has a small glimpse of the actual cover.

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