Finally, a full week of work

For the first time in months I worked a full work week and it felt great. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about getting the opportunity to do so many readings and events. I even feel a little guilty that I happened to write a non-fiction book on a trendy subject while other writers I know try and write more challenging fiction that may not ever get printed.

Not too guilty mind you, just a little. That this is my lowest paying second job ever right now, mitigates it a little. Some day in 2011 when I theoretically get a royalty check I may be able to take more days off without feeling it, but I’m a by-the-hour worker (as we all are at the co-op) so – logically to me, unbelievably to everyone I mentioned it to – I went from Goat Fest at the Ferry Building to working my closing shift at Rainbow, which also included deep cleaning of a cheese cooler.

Here’s me and an old sales rep at the Goat Fest:goat fest

I didn’t take a picture of cleaning out the cooler because 1. I was dirty from cleaning out a cooler and didn’t want to touch a camera and 2. It probably would have shown my plumber’s crack, but maybe I will next time. If memory serves, the pictures of me composting 100 lbs of bad Mozzarella made everyone happy. Hey, that was a Saturday night as well!

But I really love my Saturday night closing shift. I like the pace of Saturdays and I also like that I don’t get phone calls from reps (no offense!) on the weekends. It’s all cheese, all the time! It’s the purest form of everything I love about my job.

Of course on Friday I’m driving four hours to Mendocino after working 7 AM – 1 PM so I can do a reading there at 6 PM. Then Santa Rosa in two weeks. Then my Pacific Northwest Tour… Actually, that’s all pretty great too.

4 responses to “Finally, a full week of work

  1. Gordon,

    I felt the same way when I would go on band tours and miss ten days of hourly paid employment. I quit two bands so I could keep my awesome job and not turn into a crusty punk. The dreamiest part of living the dream is also the part that sometimes keeps you from paying the bills.

    You know that wife of mine never really ever made any money from Simon and Schuster publishing her book.

    You just inspired me to buy two more copies of your book.

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  3. I bet the cheese missed you too! It was great seeing you at the store today!

  4. Thanks for coming up to Mendo! You were just as I imagined you to be…a real person. Next you’re headed up this way, maybe to Humboldt, stay a few days and check out the “illegal cheese” scene with fabulous beer and wines whilst overlooking the incomparable ocean.

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