Grocers and librarians: united once again.

In all the excitement I forgot to link a couple of reviews that I really appreciate. Both have a perspective on the work part of being a cheese worker, one written by a grocery worker (and author), the other by a librarian (and author). Check ’em out.

This from Barth Anderson at Fair Food Fight, a great web resource. “Having been a grocery guy myself, I love what Edgar is doing in CHEESEMONGER. It’s obviously a book born from a desire to have longer conversations with his customers than social appropriateness will allow.”

This from Sara Ryan, from her blog I didn’t expect to find passages that would resonate especially strongly for folks who work in public libraries, but guess what? They’re there… (Cheesemonger is about cheese. And community. And politics. But don’t worry — it’s also really funny.

Thanks folks!

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