It’s getting close

Ok, ok. It’s almost real. Look what came in the mail yesterday. I am holding it so you can see it’s really in book form even though these are only advance reading copies*:
it's real!

But it’s not yet a real book! Don’t quote from it! It’s not corrected! Not for resale! (Oh look, I left a little of the label on that Mimolette. Oops) Pre-orders should go out in the beginning of February.**

It’s pretty amazing to hold this in my hands. Whoo-hoo!

*(By the way, happy birthday Myleen! You take awesome photos!)

**As always you can order direct from Chelsea Green, from Amazon, or pre-order from the bookstore of your choice (like your neighborhood worker-cooperative perhaps)

3 responses to “It’s getting close

  1. AWESOME. I look forward to it.

  2. huzzah! can’t wait 😀

  3. SO EXCITED!!! congrats 🙂

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