My Thanksgiving cheese plate

I know this is a little late. I had some technical problems with my camera but it’s all worked out now. And I know you all love pretty pictures. Besides this is a nice diversion from dealing with the non-writing parts of putting out a book.

I usually post the cheeses I bring to my family Thanksgiving every year but I don’t want people thinking this is somehow my endorsement for top five cheeses in the world or anything. This is the cheese my family would want to eat before a Thanksgiving meal. (Though every year the cheese plate gets bigger and the meal gets smaller)

Here we go in no particular order:

Di Stefano Burrata
A little heart attack in a cup. SoCal-made fresh mozzarella filled with cream (Panna) imported from Italy.

di stefano burrata

Another favorite for my Dad who loves the stinky German cheese. I often alternate family gatherings between bringing this and Schloss by Rouge et Noir.

dutch cheese
The Dutch cheese that thinks it’s Californian!* Awesome sheep-milk Gouda imported by Humboldt Fog-makers, Cypress Grove Chevre.

Robiola Nostrano
robiola nostrano
The first batch we got was mixed milk, this one was all cow, all the time. All good.

Dunbarton Blue:
Sorry, no picture. My family devoured this and we won’t have any in the store until tomorrow. Amazing Wisconsin cheddar with blue veining. This was my family’s favorite cheese this year.

I know this cheese is so last month at this point, but there’s not a better Alpine cheese around right now.

On a side note, I wanted to bring a Vacherin Mont D’or but my buying was too tight. We ran out the night before Thanksgiving at 5 PM and I had forgotten to tuck one aside for me. Oh well, there’s always the next holiday.

*That’s a little Parrano joke there.

4 responses to “My Thanksgiving cheese plate

  1. There are no little Parrano jokes Gordon. Great! Now the dutch mafia will be after you!

    WTF with the creepy faces on the Challerhocker??

    • A few times I’ve been around that track
      So it’s not just gonna happen like that
      Cause I ain’t no Challerhocker!
      I ain’t no Challerhocker!

  2. The Dunbarton Blue was a stunning achievement. Thanks again for bringing that.

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