Sesame Street cheesemaking

This has been making the rounds, but it really is one of the best how-to-make-cheese videos I’ve seen. Simple and concise.

I was going to mock the ’70s cheesemaking hippies (with love) but turns out this is the Crowley Cheese, the second oldest continually operating cheese plant in the country (Marin French is the oldest).

(Thanks to Kelly The P!)

3 responses to “Sesame Street cheesemaking

  1. I remember watching this back in the olden days! The “how things get made” segments of Sesame Street were my favorites (crayons!).

  2. Wow, what a cool blast from the past! Amazing how the kid is so clear and concise and spot on in the narration. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Any clue how old this is? Early/mid 70s?

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