Annie’s closing saddens the chevre snowman

Well, I guess I’m a little hung over from last night’s worker party. Still, I come to the internet to bring you the most impressive creation in the history of cheese. Behold the snowman made of chevre:
Chevre snowman3

No, I didn’t create this, my co-worker Sarah (warning: music starts right away on link) did.

The snowman looks very sad because our party was at Annie’s Social Club which is closing down after New Year’s Eve. Goodbye Annie’s… we will miss you very much.
 Chevre snowman4

5 responses to “Annie’s closing saddens the chevre snowman

  1. Better to get eaten than melted. I think?

  2. Why is he so darn cute?! Must be those enormous hello kitty olive eyes!

  3. i am singing “frosty the snowman” in my head but with words about cheese. and enjoying every minute of it!

  4. Is it wrong to want to eat Frosty? Nay nay, I say! Love your site. I hope you don’t mind, but I put you on my Blogroll so I can spread the word about your blog! Maybe you could do the same?


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