All this attention…

Wow, a lot of great press for the book in the last week… While I wish I had nipped the “former punk rocker” thing in the bud, it seems it is now my identity. Oh well. I have always been partial to “post-punk” as a genre anyway, I’ll just have to ease them into calling me that in the future.

Leah Garchik devoted a third of her column to my book and Rainbow today:
Your nose may have been buried in Marcel Proust, Jane Austen, James Patterson or Danielle Steel. My own has been buried in “Cheesemonger: A Life on the Wedge,” the recently published memoir of Rainbow Grocery cheese man (and former punk rocker) Gordon Edgar.

This is especially satisfying for me because I have been reading the Chron since I was old enough to read. In the new world of daily newspaper budget cuts, they have eviscerated their book section and I was afraid my hometown paper would ignore me.

Another hometown paper also gave me a nice plug:

Gordon Edgar’s memoir Cheesemonger: A Life on the Wedge is essential reading for city eaters. First, it details the goings-on at Rainbow Grocery, a place that reveals strange wonders upon every visit, from the unwashed man buying a king’s ransom in organic fruit to the frenzied crowds on the Yellow Pages coupon days (check your phone book!). Second: It’s written by a punk rock cheese expert with a don’t-bullshit-the-public ethos.

I have to say that from their food blog, to the events section the SF Weekly has been an early supporter of my blog and my book and I really appreciate it.

In addition my blog post about my first reading was picked up by the Huffington Post, I had a Q & A in the Milwaukee Sentinel-Journal, Edible San Francisco did a print review, and I got mentioned on Tablehopper and Wow. I’m seriously touched by all this attention. Thanks everyone. (I appreciate all the linking, up-buzzing, tweeting, and word-of-mouth too!) Don’t tell my publisher, but I think we’ve already sold more copies than I really thought we would, book proposal promises aside.

For your convenience, I have a facebook page for my book which will update folks with reviews, plugs, and readings. I also have a few readings/events coming up that I will take this opportunity to mention. Tell your friends in Marin and Portland!

Saturday at Amnesia Bar 6:30 PM — San Francisco

Sunday at Book Passage 5 PM — Corte Madera

3/20 You can buy the book at the Oregon Cheese Festival all day — Central Point, Oregon

3/21 at Reading Frenzy 7 PM Portland, Oregon

Cheese will be served at all events*

*Thanks to the Epicurean Connection, Marin French Cheese Company, Cypress Grove Chevre, Harley Farms, Rogue Creamery, Rustic Bakery, Cheeseworks West, and the Marin Cheese Company

2 responses to “All this attention…

  1. wicked cool, man. nice to have the great hometown press. was having fun reading through your customer reviews on amazon the other day, too.

    i think the one term that bugs me that i’ve seen a few times is “former punker” connotating you punked rather than were a punk. action rather than identity.

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