Flyer for Sunday

I love the home-made posters, keep ’em coming!


2 responses to “Flyer for Sunday

  1. Ok, I think we might of traveled in the same circles. I used to live in SF in the 90’s and I’m what you would call an old punk. When I became a quesero 5 years ago so many of my friends (possibly your friends too) asked me if I knew Gordon Zola. I didn’t, because I just wasn’t familiar with cheese. But in 2000 when I moved to Berkeley and discovered the Cheeseboard, did my world change. Now I live in Portland, and love the world of cheese.

    • Jason, I’m sure we know some of the same folks. You didn’t come to the Reading Frenzy reading did you? I should be back in PDX on 5/19 (not confirmed yet) and I love meeting other cheese punks. Another California cheesemaker just outed himself as an old punk this weekend!

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