Amnesia/Modern Times

Well, I guess I’m a seasoned reader now that I had two readings in two nights for my book last weekend.

The Amnesia/Modern Times event was more than I ever could have expected. The bar was packed. Lots of old friends were there. So were co-workers, cheese people, and some annoyed people who thought “I Can’t Feel My Face’” was starting early. But man, there were lots of strangers too. I guess that almost-lifesized picture of me in the weekly really worked (Thanks Hiya!)

Look, it’s packed!
(I know the two woman in the front and the smiling guy in red serving cheese, but who are those other folks?)

I’m getting less nervous with every reading, just a couple of hours of sheer terror rather than days. Whoo-hoo!

I feel like this picture really sums up the event:

As I mentioned from the stage it was particularly funny that I did my San Francisco launch at Amnesia since I lived at 20th and Mission and back in 1991 or 1992 it was my local bar (I think my housemates and I started going there after the Crystal Pistol became a tapas bar.) It’s funny because Bucky Sinister started what would become a well-regarded open mic night there (it was then called The Chameleon) and we hated it because it interrupted our regular drinking.

Sorry to any early Saturday night regulars who I annoyed. If we hadn’t provided free cheese I would say that I owe you a beer. I am only hearing now that it was too crowded for a few folks to even get in!

If you missed out than you can watch clips because the wonderful folks from Mission Local took video and interviewed people at the bar.

I tried to get rid of our remaining Cooperative 7”s but at least 25 remain. I think they’ll be given out at Reading Frenzy now. Look out Portland.! Hide your turntables!

Here’s the view from the back of the bar

Thanks to all the folks at Amnesia (especially the folks working that mob scene) and Leah from Modern Times for making this a reality.

4 responses to “Amnesia/Modern Times

  1. Gordon, I was addicted to your book–couldn’t put it down until I finished it. I saw the review on Tami Parr’s website, ordered it from Powells in Portland, and once I started reading I just couldn’t put it down (like a chunk of good cheese . . . ?)
    Thank you for writing it–now we all wish we could work at a worker co-op (unless we work at a goat cheese dairy!)
    I wish I had a bumper sticker with your words: “We all share the rind.” — superb!

  2. Well, yeah, then I don’t have to drive to show it off!

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