Cheesemonger tour day two: Trunk Flood

In Bellingham. Need to get on the road to Olympia soon. Discovered a near disaster last night when I found that the cooler drainage hole had opened in my trunk. Thankfully, the case of books was in a safe dry space. Unfortunately my car will soon smell even more like mold than it already does. My trunk – with its naturally occurring flora — is officially more qualified to be a cheese aging ”caaaaaaav” than 90% of the warehouses used for cheese storage where cheese is later sold as “cave-aged” . Yes, I am exaggerating. A little….

Gotta run… But I just got sent a link to my book being mentioned in a cheese book roundup in the Washington Post. “The book’s most appealing feature is Edgar’s own voice, which is often funny and always devoid of pretension.” Check it out!

Hello I-5, good to see you again.

3 responses to “Cheesemonger tour day two: Trunk Flood

  1. Devoid of pretension? Love it.

  2. And hell, I wrote my own review-

    Still waiting for the Northern NY tour dude.

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