Seattle revisited with pictures

Well, that was exhausting. Six events and a radio show in four days and four cities. 2000 miles of driving, one flooded trunk, a lot of bad road food, and one solicitation for clean urine at a rest stop. Whoo and Hoo!

I know I did a couple of updates form the road, but now I have pictures. You love pictures don’t you?

First I hit the Seattle Cheese Festival. I came up with a brilliant idea the next time I do a fest where everyone else has actual samples of cheese. I’m going to print out my manuscript, cut out sentences, and put them in a bowl marked free samples. That way when drunk people ask, “Where are your samples?” I’ll have something to give them.

Here’s my Seattle Cheese Fest table. Looks nice, eh? (Thanks Laurie!)

I was thrilled to read at the new Elliott Bay. So new you could smell the paint! Friends from all over (high school, college, LJ and cheese!) showed up and I was very grateful. I did what will probably be the only encore in my life and I have a friend’s 8-year-old to thank.

This doesn’t look like I’m droning on or anything, does it?
me reading

The event was actually put on by an old punk rocker who was shocked I knew of her band, Conflict (from Tuscon, not that other one from England). Heck, I’ll do better than that. Here they are on the internet. Oh, and
here are some Conflict MP3s
to listen to while reading the rest of this entry.

Oh, except that’s pretty much the end of the entry. Just this awesome picture of me and three local Seattle cheesemongers.

Roger (from Central Co-op’s Madison Market), me, Shari (from Calf and the Kid), and Julia (Metropolitan Market)
4 cheese folks

See you in August, Seattle.

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