Every cheese is cheese of the week this week

Heh. I really shouldn’t have named my regular review “Cheese of the Week”. One, it’s a boring name. Two, it sounds like something a million other cheese blogs would do and three, it was really just about whatever cheese I was obsessing over behind the counter — not an attempt at an unsubjective “best cheese in the case” or anything. That hasn’t stopped people from trying to suggest I mention their cheese, of course, but this is purely for fun, not an attempt at a well-rounded representation of great cheeses.

Any good ideas for a name change? “Gordon’s purely arbitrary cheese obsession of the week” is more like it, but a little long. This was my original disclaimer, maybe I should just post it every time:

(I decided that every week after I work a Saturday behind the counter that I will make a post about my favorite cheeses of the week. This is not a promotional thing; sometimes they may even be out of stock by the time I write this. I just want to share the cheese love. There will be pictures if I remember to bring my camera. If I don’t there won’t. Basically, these will just be the cheeses that I most enjoyed sampling out to cheese lovers over the weekend.)

Anyways, David Grimmels honored us with a visit on Friday. While his Rogue River Blue was probably a repeat “Gordon’s purely arbitrary cheese obsession of the week” this week* (along with the amazing Vacherin Mont D’or-y Tomme du Jura, and the truly awesome Spicherhalde (always alpage!) I am not going to choose it. Hey, it’s my website.And really, this close to the food holidays, every cheese is cheese of the week

No, I am going with the I-don’t-think-it’s-for-sale-yet-and-I-don’t-know-anything-about-it Mount Mazama that David gave me a sample of. It’s a goat and cow milk blended Cheddar and I am in love already. It’s the kind of cheese that makes you wonder why no one has done it before. There are not a lot of great Cheddars on the West Coast (Fiscalini and Beechers who else?) but I think we are going to add this one to the pantheon. Fruity, shardy, sharp, and rich. Awesome.

Mount Mazama

*I sold some to some snooty French people claiming to be unimpressed with American cheese

5 responses to “Every cheese is cheese of the week this week

  1. No mention of Tillamook cheddar? I have to say I’m very envious of this sample you have… Mixed goat and cow? Nice.

    • You know, I love Tilly, but I don’t think they are great. They are the best producer on the West Coast of the 40# block Cheddar though, for sure.

  2. Here are a few quick suggestions…
    “Put Your Faith in Cheeses”
    “Chance Cheese Meetings”
    “The Word in Curd”
    “Today’s Taste O’ Cheese”
    “Buy More or Spit It Out”
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    “Lactose Intolerance is Not For Sissies”

  3. Hello Gordon! Rogue Creamery would like to add a few pairing suggestions for our newly released Mt. Mazama cheese! Thanks for the great review!

    And to that we add: Any of the usual cheddar ‘go-with’s like apple pie, on a BLT, in egg or potato dishes, grate on tacos & enchiladas, nice with cured meats and olives. Drink Viognier, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Cab Sauvignon or Brown Ales, Pale Ales, Amber Ales with it!

    These tips came straight from Rogue Creamery Cheesemonger Tom VanVoorhees!

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